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Trading Game Newsletter – Jan/Feb 2013

Louise Bedford talks about writing down your plan and focusing on it for trading success.

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You’ll love hearing tomorrow’s Talking Trading show. Make sure you’re subscribed to hear an interview with… http://t.co/kbsfYITiTl


Everything Should Be Made As Simple As Possible But Not Simpler

The quote in the title is attributed to Albert… http://t.co/tM61NMXYba


The principles of the market never change and they’ve stayed the same for hundreds of years. In 99% of cases, the… http://t.co/tyDXbhz32M


Sadly, some people still keep on searching for the ‘shiny new thing’ when it comes to trading. They never really… http://t.co/y9sB08qhuN


The vast majority of trading authors and trading motivational writers are saying basically the same thing:
1…. http://t.co/a9h6M4EWwB


Sign number 1 that you’re going to make it big as a trader:
You know where you’re headed.
You know why you’re… http://t.co/jkDf8r1DFC


Sign number 2 that you’re going to make it big as a trader:
You’ve got a Mentor who you’re prepared to follow.
I… http://t.co/o2NJJdwLvO


Sign number 3 that you’re going to make it big as a trader
You’ve got a system that works.
Developing a trading… http://t.co/vgG7Au7MO3


Sign number 4 that you’ll make it big as a trader:
You have a life that involves more than just trading.
When… http://t.co/jdG9sXbdT8


Time for a count-down. Got a dream of being a spectacular trader? Here are 5 signs you’re on your way to a bright… http://t.co/EKR38n3XtW

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